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3 Teens Beat Elderly Man to Death to Impress Girls

Three teenaged boys are under arrest in Virginia, accused of beating an elderly man to death. The motive? Police say they were trying to impress girls.

George Baker III, 81, was visiting Lynchburg from his home in Arizona for his granddaughter's wedding. Several hours after the reception on Sunday night, Baker was on his way to a diner across the street from his hotel when the teens jumped him. They beat him on the head and chest, killing him.

Two 16-year-old boys and one 13-year-old boy are charged with the killing. Police say they were trying to impress girls who were hanging out with them.

“It was a senseless, brutal attack,” Capt. Todd Swisher of the Lynchburg Police Department said. “It was a random act that was totally unprovoked, and Mr. Baker played no role in the altercation. The boy told the group he was walking with that he was going to assault the next person he saw, and that person happened to be Mr. Baker -- and the two other boys acted in concert with him.” 

Swisher said the teens were no strangers to police, but he could not comment on their criminal history. They also were believed to have some kind of gang affiliation, Swisher said.

The boys are being held in the Lynchburg Juvenile Detention Center. The DA is determining whether to try the juveniles as adults.

“What a tragic, tragic event,” Swisher said.


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