3 Star High School Athletes Accused of Post-Prom Sexual Assault (Video)

Fields Chapman, Avery Johnson and Andrew Haynes have been arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting a girl at a cabin in Gilmer County, Goergia, during a post-prom party at a cabin.

The three Calhoun High School seniors turned themselves into the Gilmer County jail last Wednesday and were charged with aggravated sexual battery and consumption of alcohol by a minor, reports The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The alleged assault happened on May 11, but Gilmer County Sheriff Stacey Nicholson says that his department had to interview more than 50 witnesses before arresting the football stars (video below).

“This has been a very emotional case, certainly for the city of Calhoun and Calhoun High School,” said Sheriff Nicholson. “We have worked as fast as we could work to bring an end to this case, but we did not work on Calhoun’s time or on the media’s time line.”

The Gilmer County Sheriff's office claims the 18-year-olds inserted a foreign object into the girl against her will "causing tearing and severe trauma."

According to WRCB, authorities claim other teens were at the drunken party and were aware of the assault, but did not try to stop it, which means there may be more arrests coming.

There were no parents at the cabin where almost thirty teens spent several hours drinking alcohol before the sexual assault took place.

The girl, who passed out in a bathroom, could not remember who assaulted her, but had serious injuries that indicated an assault.

However, local reporters seemed to be more interested in how much alcohol the teens drank than the victim's well-being. Many are infuriated that the reporters, as well as the police, seem to believe that alcohol is to blame, rather than the boys themselves.

TimesFreePress.com noted:

Fifteen questions went by before anyone asked about the victim.

Reporters asked about beer, and what kind, and how much. Who supplied it. Was there some mystery drug used to intoxicate the victim?

"Can you tell us how much alcohol we're talking about?" one reporter asked.

It was scandalous and tabloid-esque, taking nearly five minutes and 15 questions before anyone asked about the woman who'd been so victimized she wound up in the hospital.

Near the end of the news conference, one reporter asked the sheriff what lessons could be learned from this.

"Teenagers and alcohol just do not mix," he said.

Sources: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, TimesFreePress.com, WRCB


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