3 Separate Pit Bull Attacks in One Weekend Terrorize Fullerton, Md., Community


Fullerton residents say they are terrorized after separate dog attacks left one owner and pets in various households severely injured or dead within three days.

"I was told once they smell my blood, they would've continued to attack me," said Barbara Kronner, who was bit on her arm and ankle by a pack of three Pit Bulls.

Kronner, who describes herself as a “dog lover” told ABC News that she was taking out her garbage on Sunday evening when three Pit Bulls cornered Isabelle, her two-year-old rescue dog.

"They had her by the neck. I thought they were going to kill her." She says, "They dragged Isabelle…from the garage down to the driveway." "It's a miracle that she wasn't ripped apart," she says. Kronner says her number one concern was Isabelle's safety.

Two days earlier, on Lyndale Avenue, only a few blocks away, Carolyn Chapman watched helplessly as her ten-year-old dog was killed on her porch. "Pokey was caught between two Pit Bulls," Chapman says. "They had him by the throat. They were tearing apart his throat."

Chapman ran to her back door, but the marauding Pit Bulls had already killed Pokey, leaving Carolyn with only memories that make her break down and cry, she says.

And, around the corner on Brookwood Avenue, if John Tumminello had not been home and resourceful, his two dogs would undoubtedly have been killed on Sunday afternoon, he told ABC News reporters.

"We were out here together and all of a sudden those Pit Bulls, come over on my ground and grabbed a hold of her and knocked her down," John Tumminello says about his 2-year-old rescued dog, Sunshine, whom he saved from a brutal attack.

"The black one came over and I had the big, long shears and I hit the brown one with the shears, he said."

Neighbors say police responded to all three cases. Officials say they cannot confirm if the attacks are related. In the meantime, the residents live in terror and anticipation of yet another attack.

Source: ABC


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