3 Rapists Attack Unarmed Woman In Park, Don't See Her Secret Weapon

3 Rapists Attack Unarmed Woman In Park, Don't See Her Secret Weapon Promo Image

A group of migrants attempted an attack on an innocent woman in a park in Germany, but as they got closer, they discovered that she had a couple of secret weapons to protect her.

According to Mad World News, a 38-year-old woman was walking through a park in Lohfelden, Germany, when three men attempted to jump her. What the trio failed to realize, however, was that the woman had her two dogs with her -- a German shepherd and a Labrador retriever.

The two dogs, who are very loyal to and protective of their owner, were off their leashes as the woman was letting them roam freely and the men didn't see them nearby.

Once the men launched their attack against the woman, the dogs heard screams and immediately sensed danger. Just as the attackers attempted to rip off the woman's clothing, the returning dogs lunged at them and launched an attack of their own in retaliation for the attack on their owner.

At least one of the men was reported to have been injured in the incident, while the others fled the scene. The woman later said that the dogs' attack was so powerful that the man needed medical treatment.

The woman made it out with just minor injuries and her dogs were unharmed. She told a neighbor about what happened and the neighbor recommended that she call the police. The neighbor also took her to the hospital.

Readers shared their thoughts on the story on the Mad World News Facebook page.

"I am glad she had her dogs with her otherwise there would be a different ending to this story never ever walk alone whether night or day and especially in a park its sad but true thanks to all these so called innocent muslims," one reader wrote.

"This is all thanks to the Liberals in these countries and our country letting these uncivilized people who do not want to assimilate to Western culture they would rather live in the same barbaric fashion as they did in their own country send them back," another user commented. "Let Them Fight their Civil War like men would these are not refugees these are infiltrators trying to destroy the Western way of life and freedom."

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"What is this world coming to, rapes, murders, destroying property and people in charge directing the authorities to disregard it," another reader added. "I don't care, if someone breaks the law, punish them, I don't give a darn who or what they are, wrong is wrong."

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