3 Pitt Bulls Attack Texas Woman, Graphic Film Shows 'Bites'

A CareFlite helicopter flew April Underwood to Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Fort Worth after three pit bulls attacked her while she was walking near her home in Alvarado, TX.  (Alvarado is a small historic city located 10 miles south of Fort Worth and 35 miles southwest of Dallas.) 

She is relieved to hear that tests for rabies, performed after the dogs were euthanized, were negative.  April is not a pit-bull hater. “…I had a pit bull who was 12-years-old and had just passed away two days before…he was nice as could be and never turned on anyone,” she told Matt Smith of the Cleburne Times Review.

She then recounted the attack, “It seemed like it happened so fast after the first dog…”  Underwood said she usually takes an evening walk on High Lake Road and had seen one of the dogs before but it was usually inside its yard.  She said it had never shown aggression.

On that day the dog was outside the fence and across the street from her.  She said it approached her and started barking so she immediately stopped so that the dog would not be threatened or encouraged.  But the dog came closer and as she tried to get to the porch of a house, it ran forward and began biting her legs. Then a second dog ran out and also attacked her and she dropped her cell phone and could not dial 911.

While she was on the ground trying to fight off the dogs, a third dog joined them in the attack. A woman in a red Ford Explorer stopped and began blowing her horn, scaring off one of the dogs, she remembered.  Then two women from a nearby house ran out with a baseball bat and chased the dogs away.  She said they called 911 and brought her a blanket and water and stayed with her until police and medical rescue arrived.

Johnson County Sheriff’s Lt. Tim Jones said on October 26 that no charges were filed against the owners since they submitted the dogs for rabies testing.

Although she has been released from the hospital and is recovering, April faces therapy and skin grafts to heal the wounds which are recorded on YouTube.

The graphic film “Bites from 3 Pit Bulls,” can be seen HERE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pNcpuM6bhEE

Source:  http://www.cleburnetimesreview.com/local/x717136525/Alvarado-woman-recounts-dog-attacks


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