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3 Pit Bulls Savagely Attack Chained Shetland Pony

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 The owner of three Pit Bulls that mauled a defenseless Shetland pony chained to a post faces animal cruelty charges, according to the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office. The pony had absolutely no way of getting away, and the dogs’ owner did nothing to stop the attack, witnesses told theHoustonChronicle.

The disturbing incident occurred on July 9, at approximately 7:00 p.m. outsideDayton, TX, on County Road 676, said Captain Rex Evans of the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office.

Witnesses say Lachain Dever, 29, of Dayton only slapped his hand on the side of his mobile home wall to get the dogs’ attention but made no effort to stop them from ripping the helpless pony's flesh a it struggled to remain standing.

Neighbor Cathy Pierce, who called the sheriff’s during the attack, said, “I saw the dogs.Two of them were hanging on his back, another on his neck.They pulled him down, he got back up. He was all ripped to shreds.” She told reporters it wasn’t the first vicious act by the dogs.One time when they were loose they attempted to attack her husband, she said.

Sheriff’s deputies said the Pit Bull owner made no effort to control his dogs even after officers arrived, and they had to threaten to shoot the dogs before he got them under control.He then put them on their chains.

Officers also noticed another horse on the property that looked emaciatedA trailer was on the property and the animals were in a pasture. Deputies believe Dever owns the home and all the animals.

The pony sustained such brutal wounds and tears to its body legs and throat that it had to be put down.“The wounds were so extensive, the intestines were hanging out,” Captain Evans said. “There was no way to save the animal that was obviously in excruciating pain,” he told KHOU.com

The Pit Bulls were put under quarantine at a local veterinary hospital.Lachain Dever was arrested at the scene and booked into the Liberty County Jail. 

Sheriff's deputies returned to the property on Tuesday and are continuing their investigation.





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