3 Pit Bulls Maul Teenager in South L.A., Neighbors Fear More Attacks


Isaiah Robertson, 15, has bites all over his body and serious injuries to one eye and ear from a vicious attack by a neighbor’s three Pit Bulls, which Isaiah has cared for since they were puppies. His mother, Tiffany Jones, is pleading for the dogs to be put down.

"I just remember I dove on his face so they wouldn't get to his face and his neck," Tiffany Jones told NBC4.

The attack occurred two days ago and Isaiah has just returned home from the hospital, appearing to be in pain and with stitches holding together areas of his face.

The incident occurred in the 5000 block of 4th Avenue. Isaiah was in the backyard where the dogs live, cleaning up after them as he had since they were pups. His mother said the dogs had never been aggressive or seemed dangerous before.

Isaiah’s grandmother, Felicia Franklin, said suddenly she heard him screaming, "They were chewing on my grandson," she told NBC4. "One was on his face, one was on his arm, one was on his leg, and he was just hollering.”

Isaiah’s mother and grandmother courageously opened the gate and pulled the injured boy to the driveway, but they said the dogs would not stop their attack and release him. Neighbors said they tried to help but the dogs threatened them also.

One neighbor told reporters, "When I went toward them the mother dog went toward me and started charging toward me aggressively." The family says the dogs did not back off until one was stabbed and the other was hit with a baseball bat.

On Tuesday, all three dogs were back in the yard when L.A.’s Channel 4 News team interviewed Isaiah’s family.

Los Angeles Animal Services told NBC4 the dogs were not immediately removed, in part, because they were secure in the backyard. Officials said dog attacks are treated on a case-by-case basis, and an investigation will determine if the dogs should be put down.

Isaiah’s family and neighbors with small children said they are terrified that the Pit Bulls may get out and attack again.

Source: NBC


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