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3 Pit Bulls Attacks In 3 Days Leave 4 Injured; 2 Men Stop Attack with Six-Pack of Beer

Four people have been seriously injured in dog attacks in Sydney in the past three days. The latest incident occurred about 12:30 p.m. on Sunday, when an American Staffordshire Terrier was ordered to attack a shopkeeper when she saw that a man and woman had gone behind the counter in her store on Cleveland Street at Surry Hils and were trying to open the cash register.

She was immediately treated at the scene by paramedics for severe wounds on her arm and then rushed to St Vincent's Hospital where she will undergo further treatment.

The pair ran from the store but were chased by witnesses who held them until police arrived.

The female involved in the robbery has been charged with attempted larceny and causing a dog to inflict grievous bodily harm, and is scheduled for court on Monday.

The man was charged with attempted larceny and granted conditional bail to appear in court next month. The dog has been impounded.

Pit Bull Attacks Dog Owner After Attack on His Dog at Redfern

On Saturday, a man was severely bitten several times by a pit bull at Baptist Street in Redfern. Paramedics were called to the scene shortly before 10 p.m. and found the victim with serious wounds to his hand and arm. Police say he was trying to break-up a fight which occurred when the Pit Bull attacked his dog.

2 Men Use Six-Pack of Beer to Stop Pit Bull Attack at Sans Souci

In another vicious attack, 91-year-old Irene Koutsounadis is hospitalized in stable-but-serious condition after being mauled by an American pit bull terrier at Sans Souci on Friday night.

Ms Koutsounadis was attacked in the driveway of her daughter's home around 7pm.

Her daughter, 69-year-old Vivi Germanos Koutsounadis, is a prominent multicultural ambassador. She ran outside to try and pull the dog off her mother but was bitten on both hands.

Diane McCallum, a neighbor, was shaken by the attack. "When I went across there, there was a lady laying on the ground and the owner of the house covered in blood," she said.

She said she is full of admiration for a father and son, Justin and Jacob Innes, who heard the screams and rushed to help. The men used a six-pack of beer to fight off the dog.

"They were so good," said McCallum. "They just ran in there and just did what needed to be done," she said.

Justin Innes responded to reporters that, "Anybody would do it. If it was your grandmother or anybody, any age - what do you do? You don't standby and watch."

There was just blood everywhere, something like out of a horror movie, said Jacob Innes, "The dog was just on her face, going mental."

"I hit it with the beer. It went for Jacob, Jake was holding the six pack, he hit it again and then I grabbed it and threw it inside."

"I just ripped off my jacket, gave it to her, like tried to comfort her...make sure she's alright."

American Pit Bulls are a restricted breed in New South Wales and they must be registered and contained securely within the property. It is also illegal to breed them.

The dog was euthanized after the horrific attack on the elderly woman.

Source: ABC


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