3 Pit Bulls Attack Toddler in Stockton, 3rd Attack in Southern Alabama in One Week


18-month old Karoline Stafford is still in intensive care after three Pit Bulls attacked her on Wednesday, reports GulfStatesNewsToday.com. Doctors say her recovery is expected to take many weeks or months.

A media release by the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Department states that, on July 23, 2014, Baldwin County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to the North Baldwin Infirmary in Bay Minette, on a dog bite complaint.

There they learned about the brutal attack and that the toddler was being treated for numerous bites to the face and head, according to the Sheriff’s report.

Investigators say the child’s father, Dylan Stafford, and the victim were outside a residence at 14080 Crosby Road in Stockton, Alabama, when the father suddenly heard the baby cry out. He turned to see three pit bulls attacking her. WKRG reports that two of the Pit Bulls were circling the tiny victim as the third, more aggressive, dog bit her repeatedly.

Karoline was reportedly playing in the backyard of a family member, according to News5.

Captain Steve Arthur of the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Department said that Karoline’s wounds were “fairly horrific” and that the discovery of a child in this condition was frightening to officers.

Investigators first believed the three Pits are owned by the victim's grandfather, but WKRG reports that it was later discovered that there are two separate dog owners involved with the three animals.  

Neighbor Charles Stewart told News5 that he understood one of the teeth from the dog was found in the baby’s flesh, and he believes that Pit Bulls should be banned from Alabama.  He said he had warned his neighbor that the Pit Bulls are a threat to the neighborhood and his family. 

The baby girl was taken to the USA Medical Center in Mobile where she remains in Pediatric ICU.

According to the News 5 report, the Pit Bull that was the primary aggressor in the attack is being held under quarantine at a veterinary clinic in Bay Minette, and the other two dogs remain at the residence on Crosby Road.

No charges have been filed in the incident.


Mobile police have responded to a third pit bull attack in the last week in southern Alabama, and the second in 24 hours, reports WKRG.

The mother of the victim told reporters that her 29-year-old son was attempting to break up a fight between dogs when the Pit Bull attacked him.

The victim was hospitalized along with a woman who was knocked down in the scuffle. The Pit Bull was impounded by animal control, police said.

On Thursday, an 18-month-old girl was attacked by three pit bulls and suffered severe facial injuries, and on Saturdaya pit bull attacked a 6-month-old Great Dane puppy, named Talulah, mauling her face and ripping a chunk out of her abdomen, WKRG reports. 

Sources: Gulf Coast News, WKRG


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