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3 Pit Bulls Attack Runner in Athens, Georgia

A 26-year-old runner in Athens, Georgia, was found lying on the ground, bleeding heavily, when police arrived on Sunday morning after a 911 call that three Pit Bulls savagely attacked him in a northside community. The victim remained hospitalized on Monday, according to an Athens Herald report.

The young man was out for a run near Nowhere Road and Freeman Drive on Sunday at around 8:30 a.m. when the dogs suddenly ran out of a yard nearby and jumped him, Athens-Clarke police said.

When officers arrived, the victim was lying on the ground, bleeding profusely from at least 20 bite wounds all over his to his face, back, arms, legs and other areas of his body, according to police.

The neighbor who saw the Pit Bulls attack and called 911 told officers that the dog’s owner “would hold the dogs and wait for someone to go by and would release them.”

Another witness described for officers that the dog’s owner had come out after the attack and taken the dogs to a nearby residence, where he chained them behind a makeshift shack, police said.

The officers went to the location and found three dogs covered in blood, which they described as “pit bulls” in the police incident report.

One of the people living in the shack told officers she stays there with a man who watches the dogs for the owner during the day, and the owner then takes them in the evening and lets them run loose.

The same dogs were involved in an August 2012 attack, according to police. There is no indication why the dogs were released back to the location.

Athens-Clarke County Animal Control officers took custody of all three dogs and said none of them had rabies tags, the Athens Herald reported. (


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