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3 Pit Bulls Attack Las Vegas Woman, Kill Her Pekingese (VIDEO)

Tracy Mischel was viciously attacked by 3 Pit Bulls she had never seen before while she was walking her Pekingese, .J.J., and her mother’s little dog near her home on Monday. The attack occurred about 5:50 p.m. in the 4700 block of Mountain Valley Road, near McLeod Drive and Tropicana Avenue.

She told Action News on Tuesday that she is deeply mourning the loss of her beloved pet, "I have no kids, no husband, no boyfriend and he's my baby," she said. Her mother’s Pekingese was able to get away and run home while the Pit Bulls concentrated their efforts on killing J.J.

Mischel said all three Pit Bulls lunged at them as soon as they saw her. One scooped J.J. into its mouth. "Once I got my dog out of the [Pit Bull’s] mouth, the other Pit Bull behind me...really attacked me and pulled me back. He wouldn't let me pick up my dog." Mischel said every time she reached forward for J.J., the other Pit Bulls grabbed her arms and bit her. She said it felt like two people pulling her back.

According to the KTNV-ABC13 report, she was finally saved by a passerby who stopped and threw bricks at the Pit Bulls to stop the attack.

Mischel's arms, hands and leg wound up in the jaws of the Pit Bulls, but she still tried desperately to save her tiny best friend. "I didn't feel any pain. I didn't know I was bleeding, anywhere. I didn't know," she told Action News.

By the time ambulances arrived, it was too late, Tracy said, "I knew when I picked him up off the ground, that's when he was dead." She was transported to Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center.

Jason Allswang, Chief of Code Enforcement for Clark County Animal Control said that all three dogs were capture and impounded. "At this point, we'd do the ten-day quarantine; hold them to make sure they don't have rabies. After those ten days, they will be euthanized if no owner comes forward. If an owner comes forward, we will work with that owner to determine the best course of action."

Allswang also said that none of the Pit Bulls had tags or were microchipped and they were not spayed or neutered. However, they did appear to be well cared for, he said.

Tracy Mischel was released from the hospital on Tuesday but is facing high medical bills and she has no insurance.

Souces: JRN, Las Vegas Sun


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