3 Pit Bulls Attack, Kill 4-Year-Old Boy, Injure Pregnant Mother in Delaware

Police have released the names of a 4-year-old boy who was killed and his pregnant mother who was injured by three pit bulls in Kent County around 4 p.m. Wednesday afternoon, May 7.

The boy, identified as Kasii Haith, of Camden, and his mother Kyeisha Haith, 24, were visiting with a family friend at a home on the 900 block of Edwardsville Road, just west of Felton.

Police said Kyeisha Haith - who is several months pregnant - and her friend were inside the home. Kassi was outside playing in the yard with the friend's three pit bulls.

According to Kyeisha, the little boy had been around the dogs numerous times in the past.

Investigators report that Kyeisha looked out of a window to check on her son and saw the dogs savagely attacking him.

While her friend called 911, Kyeisha Haith ran out in an attempt to save Kassi. The dogs then turned on her and she was bitten numerous times on both arms, according to police.

Delaware State Troopers said two repairmen from Ambient Heating and Cooling were working at the house and they also attempted to save the boy by fending off the dogs with PVC piping. They were able to control the pit bulls long enough for Kyeisha Haith to escape the attack.

Emergency medical specialists and troopers responded to the scene and began first aid on Kasii, but he was soon pronounced dead. The boy's body was turned over to the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner who will conduct an autopsy to rule the exact cause and manner of death.

Delaware Animal Care and Control officers also responded to the scene and took possession of the dogs, which were placed in the home's garage before being taken away to be euthanized.

Officials said all three dogs will be tested for rabies—none were vaccinated, spayed or neutered, officials said.

According to the First State Animal Center and SPCA, it is unknown at this time if the owner of the three pit bulls will face charges, because it's the first violent incident reported involving these animals.

However, animal control says it was called earlier that morning for dogs, who were later confirmed to be the same pit bulls running around the neighborhood.

"Upon arrival it was very emotional with everything going on at the scene," said David Hulse with Delaware Animal Control. "The important part was the dogs being contained in the garage--that they were no longer a threat."

Scott Lang was one of the workers at the house during the attack. He says he heard screams. After his helper and he got to the scene, they were able to get the dogs away from the mother by hitting them with PVC pipe. That's when Lang noticed the boy was severely mauled.

Police said Kyeisha Haith was transported to Kent General Hospital where she is being treated for her injuries as well as being kept under observation.

The investigation into the incident is ongoing, police said.

Source: ABC, WBOC


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