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3 Pit Bulls Attack Josh Thomas and Group of Boys in Raleigh, N.C.

Three pitbulls attacked a pack of boys out for a bike ride last Sunday, September 2, in a peaceful neighborhood on New Hope near Easthampton Drive in Northeast Raleigh, according to police. Joey Brigante, 10, was bitten eight times by one of the dogs.

Cooper Nunnery,12, said he and a group of his friends, including Joey Brigante, were out riding their bikes when the three dogs came running after them. "I was looking down, kicking at the dog to make it get back," Nunnery told WRAL-TVNews. At least one of the Pit Bulls mauled both Cooper and 10-year-old Joey Brigante.

"It started to jump up and attack me, and bit me in the leg," Nunnery said. "I threw my bike down. When I did, it kind of scared the dogs."

Josh Thomas said, "I see my mom pulling one of the kids away. Kids are in the trees and another was trying to ride his bike to get away. Chris Thomas was also attacked, according to the reports, when he ran out of his house because he heard the kids screaming and was worried about his son, Josh.“There was a lot of screaming and a lot of dogs barking," Thomas said. "I was just tending to Joey, who was bleeding a lot."

Josh Thomas said the dogs then took off down Easthampton Drive, where they reportedly approached a child's birthday party. A man at that location was injured when he picked up a rock to try to scare the dogs away.

Authorities say the dog owner, Jason Timburri, let his three pit bulls run loose. But Timburritold ABC11 he believes people in the neighborhood antagonized his dogs. He said his Pit Bulls accidentally got out of his yard but were gentle.

Timburri was given a citation, according to the officials, and one Pit Bull was taken to Wake County Animal Shelter and placed under quarantine for ten days.Tamburri said he is new in the neighborhood and had misplaced his veterinarian records in moving. He said he will provide proof of rabies vaccinations, according to WRAL.

Tamburri also said the dog has never hurt anyone before and he will send the animal to live with his family out-of-state when it is released from quarantine.

The victims are recovering from their injuries. But, Joey Brigante was limping badly as he tried to walk and showed reporters the bandages on his leg. 12-year-old Cooper Nunnery said right now he feels like he may never go out and ride his bike again.



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