3 Pit Bulls Attack Cyclist Andrew Ross in Pasadena, Police Shoot Dogs

Three pit bulls went on a rampage in Pasadena, California, on Wednesday, January 29—the day after the Pasadena City Council held a heated meeting for public discussion on a possible mandatory spay/neuter ordinance for the breed and then tabled the issue.

The dogs attacked Andrew Ross, 37, who lives in Pasadena as he was walking his bicycle in the 1400 block of North Fair Oaks Avenue around 5:00 a.m.

Pasadena police Lt. Tracey Ibarra said that Mr. Ross reported that the three pit bulls or pit bull mixes “charged him from across the street.”

“Mr. Ross tried to position his bicycle between him and the three attacking dogs … (and) at least one dog did make contact with Mr. Ross’ left leg, resulting in minor puncture wounds,” Ibarra said.

Pasadena police were called to the location and shot the three dogs–one fatally, Lt. Ibarra said. The shooting occurred shortly after 5 am

Ross had climbed onto the hood of a vehicle to escape further injury from attack. A witness called police, Ibarra said.

“The witness reported that the man was being dragged by the dogs, that he was able to break free and take refuge on top of a parked vehicle,” Ibarra said. Police were told the dogs were still in the area.

When officers arrived, Ross was still on top of the car, and he pointed out the animals, who were nearby.

“When the officers illuminated the dogs, they quickly walked south on the east sidewalk, but then turned and aggressively approached the officers, barking and growling,” Ibarra described.

“As the dogs drew closer, one officer discharged his shotgun multiple times, striking the three dogs,” Ibarra said. “One dog immediately fell to the ground, and the other two dogs ran south. The two dogs were located nearby and (were) taken into custody by Animal Control.”

The dog that was killed was a female pit bull or pit bull mix less than a year old, according to Ricky Whitman, spokesperson for the Pasadena Humane Society and SPCA. Whitman said the dog wasn’t spayed and looked like it was in heat. Police identified all three dogs as pit bulls or pit bull mixes.

The dogs did not have tags, and police are seeking their owner.

Councilman Steve Madison, who proposed the mandatory spay/neuter ordinance for pit bull breeds, posted on Facebook:

Pit bulls viciously attacked a cyclist in Pasadena this morning. A witness calling 9-1-1 reported that the dogs were dragging the cyclist down the street. When officers responded the cyclist was up on a car. The pits charged the officers and were shot with a shotgun,” Madison wrote.

Coincidentally, 36 hours ago my colleagues on the City Council rejected my proposed ordinance that would have called for mandatory spay and neuter of pit bulls. Not a ban, mind you, or even a limit on the number one can own, just spay and neuter to control the overpopulation of this breed. One of my colleagues, Terry Tornek, stated that the ‘evidence’ did not support the ordinance.”

When reached by phone by the Pasadena Star News, Madison said he wasn’t surprised by Wednesday’s incident. He has pushed to ban pit bulls in Pasadena for the past two years, but breed-specific laws (BSL), including bans, are prohibited by State law,

“This is going to happen, that was the whole point of my work on this issue over the last couple of years,” Madison said. “They are just a time bomb. They are killing machines.”

Madison said he found out about the alleged attack from an e-mail that Police Chief Phillip Sanchez sent to all council members. He said he did not know the victim.

Pit bull advocate Josh Liddy of Pasadena said the attack was a problem of circumstance and owner neglect, not breed. He also doubted the identification of the dogs as pit bulls.

“Just because a police officer claims a dog is a pit bull doesn’t mean it is. Even the Humane Society said they don’t know how to identify dogs,” Liddy said.

“Even if it was three pit bulls it’s still three loose dogs. The breed is irrelevant, he said.

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Source: Pasadena Star News


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