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3 Pit Bulls Attack 5 Children, 1 Adult in 2 Days in Racine, Wisconsin

Racine police said three separate dog-bite incidents over the weekend left six innocent victims injured.

Jhyshon Bean and his friend were just riding their bikes in the 1500 block of Carlisle, like normal 7-year-old boys on Saturday afternoon in Racine, when suddenly a neighbor's Pit Bull came running around the corner and attacked them, WISN12 News reports.

Jhyson said he felt he had no choice but to fight the dog to try to save his buddy.  The dog lunged at his friend first, ripping off both ears and biting the boy all over his body.

But when Jhyshon started punching the dog to try to get it off his friend, the Pit Bull turned on him and bit him on the arms, shoulders and legs, he told WSN12..

 Jhyshon's uncle came rushing out and was finally able to get the dog off the boys but not before he also sustained serious bite wounds.

 Dwayne Lindsey told CBS he remembers calling for help after seeing a young boy walk down Carlisle Ave. covered in blood. 

"I heard him crying," said Lindsey, "so I ran out and I grabbed the little boy and I asked what was wrong."  That was when he saw the serious laceration to the left side of the 7-year old boy's face and teeth marks on his head. 

When Racine police arrived at the location, they discovered the three victims, but the Pit Bull had reportedly been taken from the scene by a man in a green van, which quickly drove away with the dog inside, witnesses said.

Kenosha police later found the dog, named Pretty Boy, tied to a pole in Kenosha, CBS reports.

Officers then located the owner and placed him under arrest on several municipal violations, as well as for obstructing an officer and a probation violation.

Jayson’s grandmother, Jennifer Jones, said the dog has long been a problem in the neighborhood.

Both boys' families told WISN 12 reporters that there will be a long road to recovery for the victims.

Besides needing a walker to get around, Jayson can't be outside and is having nightmares.

Doctors at Children's Hospital told WISN 12 that, even though they were able to reattach both of the ears of the other 7-year-old boy, he may have permanent hearing loss because of the damage.


Later that same afternoon in the 1600 block of Quincy Avenue, a 5-year-old girl was bitten, CBS 58 reports.  

Officers say they were called to Wheaton Franciscan All Saints emergency room, where they learned that the little girl had been bitten by a Pit Bull Terrier.

The dog was released from its own home and entered a nearby backyard where children were visiting. There the Pit Bull attacked the 5-year-old girl, and an 11-year-old girl was bitten while trying to get the Pit Bull to release the younger child.

The dog's owner was cited for not having a dog license.


A third incident occurred on Sunday around 2:30 p.m. when Jessica Rooney's 5-year old daughter was bitten in the face by her neighbor’s Pit Bull. 

The dog was outside its kennel when they stopped by her home in the 1500 block of May Street.

Rooney said she had asked if it was okay, and was assured that the dog wasn't going to do anything. 

"Honestly, I didn't think it would do anything, it didn't growl at her, it didn't bark at her," Rooney told WISN 12, recalling the attack.

The Pit Bull just lunged and bit her daughter in the face. The girl suffered deep cuts that required stitches, but is recovering, she told reporters.

The owner was cited for two municipal violations, according toWISN 12.

There was no indication of what will happen to the dogs who attacked the six people, WISN 12 repotted. 

Sources: WISN, (2), CBS


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