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3 People Bring Guns to 'Dark Knight' Screening at Movie Theatre in Tennessee

Tennessee police confirmed that three people brought guns into the same showing of “The Dark Knight Rises” last Friday night at the Carmike Highland Cinemas.

After a theatre employee noticed a man enter with a holstered pistol, police were notified and the movie was stopped. Police entered the theater and asked the viewers who had entered with a gun.

At that point, three men -- not just one -- told the police that they were, in fact, armed.

While the Herald Citizen reports that all three men had legal permits for their guns, the theatre had a displayed sign prohibiting weapons. Because of this, the men were asked to leave the theatre and the movie was resumed.

In many states, like California, there are very limited circumstances as to who may carry a concealed firearm -- and the majority of citizens don't have that option.

However, in Tennessee, where the instance occurred, carrying a concealed weapon with a permit is allowed in public places. While the Tennessee permit is valid in several other approved states, it is not recognized in places that have a California-like concealed weapons policy.

After the now infamous “Batman Massacre,” should citizens now bring registered permit weapons into movie theatres for their protection?

Some gun owners think so.

Do you?


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