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Three Officers Suspended After Rough Takedown (Video)

Three officers were suspended by OhioHealth Protective Services after they were filmed pepper spraying and roughly taking down a man, Shelton Adams, in Columbus, Ohio, on March 13 (video below).

The officers have been mistaken as security guards, but they are police because OhioHealth has its own agency with full law enforcement powers.

"The way they handled that situation, it should not have been handled that way," Mellena Jackson, who filmed the incident outside Grant Hospital, told WSYX. "It could have been completely different."

Jackson said she started recording after Adams told the officers: "Leave me alone."

In the video, the three officers are talking to Adams, who starts to walk forward, but is pushed back by one of the officers.

Adams flicks his cigarette toward the officers, and the same cop douses Adams with pepper spray. The officer then grabs Adams, pulls him over, and all three officers roughly take him down.

When Jackson posted the video on March 13, she added some commentary in her caption:

Dude did not flinch at them and or make them feel threatened in no shape form nor fashion. Then flicked his cigarette at them which made it worse. This s*** is getting ridiculous. Sad thing is my son seen this s***!!!! Then seen him laying there not moving... they left him there in the 30 degree weather on the cold concrete without getting him medical attention.

Adams was charged with disorderly conduct.

"We began an investigation immediately and the security officers were placed on fact-finding suspension," OhioHealth said in a statement released March 14.

After her video went viral, Jackson shared more information in a posting on Facebook on March 14. She also had some choice words for people who were sending her private messages:

Before someone opens their mouth and say that he was in the wrong because he flicked a cigarette at them, how can you be so blind to that fact that they followed him outside (if he was told to leave, he did just that) and then they assaulted this man after following him outside.

The force that was used was excessive so if you are making excuses for the security guards and or inbox me on some BULLS*** (in which I won't respond to, but thank you for taking time out of your day to make me feel that much more special) YOU ARE THE PROBLEM!!!

Warning: This video contains profanity.

Sources: WSYX, Mellena Jackson/Facebook (2), OhioHealth Protective Services / Photo credit: OhioHealth Protective Services

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