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3 Officers Who Subjected Innocent Man to 14 Hours of Anal Cavity Searches Are Still on the Force

During a traffic stop last year in New Mexico, six police officers ordered anal cavity searches - including three enemas, two digital rectal exams and a colonoscopy - on civilian David Eckert.

Eckert was pulled over in a Walmart parking lot on Jan. 2, 2013 for not coming to a complete stop at a stop sign.

Officers allegedly then came to the conclusion that he had drugs hidden in his anal cavity because “he was clenching his buttocks” and because his posture was “erect.”

What ensued was a 14-hour search of Eckert’s anal cavity, which included two x-rays, multiple enemas and a surgical colonoscopy, at the end of which, no drugs were found.

If it was not bad enough that Eckert was forced to undergo the multiple procedures, the medical center proceeded to bill him $6,000 for the colonoscopy.

In November 2013, Eckert sued the six cops, three of whom were from the city of Deming. The other three officers were from Hidalgo County.

In the lawsuit, Eckert, 64, alleged that the officers violated a search warrant by repeatedly probing his anus.

In January, a $1.6 million settlement was reached.

“I feel that I got some justice as I think the settlement shows they were wrong to do what they did to me,” Eckert said after the settlement was announced.

Even after the enormously expensive lawsuit was brought to a close, Police Chief Brandon Gigante stated the three Deming officers currently remain on the police force.

Gigante also reportedly did not elaborate as to whether the Deming officers were disciplined.

The Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office declined to specify whether their three officers remained on the job.

“I truly hope that no one will be treated like this ever again,” Eckert stated. “I felt very helpless and alone on that night.”

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