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3 Girls Injured After Falling From Ferris Wheel

Police are investigating an incident at the Greene County Fair in Tennessee, in which 3 young girls reportedly fell out of a Ferris wheel when their cabin flipped over.

The incident occurred on the evening of Aug. 8 at around 6:15 p.m., according to the Knoxville News Sentinel.  The girls fell between 35 and 45 feet to the ground after their cabin flipped upside down.  

As of the morning of Aug. 9, Greeneville police said it was still unclear what caused the cabin to flip, ABC News reports.

The three children, whose names have not been released, were transported to the nearby Johnson City Medical Center.  They were all awake and coherently answering questions later at the hospital on the night of the accident, according to the Sentinel.

However, the youngest of the three victims is said to be in serious condition with a head injury, according to police.  The oldest of the girls is 16.

In a statement, the Greene County Fair addressed the terrifying accident:

"We would like to extend our thoughts and prayers for those injured tonight at the fair. We are deeply shocked and saddened. All rides have been shut down until further notice."

The inspection will reportedly take several days to complete, although fair officials said on Aug. 9 that they are not sure when the ride was last inspected.

The fair runs through Aug. 13, and will reportedly allow smaller games and food vendors to stay open.

Sources: Knoxville News Sentinel, ABC News / Photo credit: Freddie Krauss/WBIR

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