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3 Doors Down's Lead Singer Stops Show To Tell Concertgoer Not To Hit A Woman (Video)

Brad Arnold, the lead singer of 3 Doors Down, stopped mid-song during a concert in Broomfield, Colorado, on Tuesday night to chastise a man in the audience who allegedly hit a woman and it was all caught on video (see below).

“Hey homie!” Arnold shouts from the stage in the video after telling his band mates to stop playing. “You don’t hit a woman. You just pushed a woman out of the way to get in a fight, you d**k.”

“Get out of here!” Arnold adds before having the male concertgoer escorted out of the show.

Arnold received massive cheers from the crowd before continuing on with the concert.

Chris Henderson, 3 Doors Down’s guitarist, shared video of the incident, taken by Melissa Nichols, on his YouTube page, reports KFOR.

“Brad telling someone to not hit a woman!" Henderson tweeted with the video. "Just another reason I'm proud to be in this band!!”

The video has been viewed more than 940,000 times.

Sources: KFOR, Chris Henderson/YouTube

Photo credit: Screenshot/Chris Henderson/YouTube


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