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3 Dogs Attacking 1 Posted on Facebook by Oklahoma Man Alarms, Angers Animal Lovers

A Wagner County, OK, man, Taylor Given, has angered and sickened animal lovers everywhere by posting a graphic video of three dogs attacking a fourth -- allegedly a stray -- and, according to Given, ultimately killing it.

What is alarming many commenters is that this young man was so devoid of empathy for the pain and fear of this helpless creature that he wanted to share this chilling video with the world.

A local station, NewsOn6, interviewed Given who said there was another side to the story. His explanation has only raised more ire and insistence that authorities address what some are calling a staged dog fight.

Animal advocate Wilhelm Murg said that it made him very angry — not only that the dog was attacked, but that a human stood by filming and did nothing to help the animal.

Murg did take action. He called the police and the animal shelter and demanded an investigation.

Given expressed no remorse or concern for the suffering of the dog as its flesh was ripped and blood soaked the snow in which it struggled against overwhelming odds of a three-dog pack focused on a kill.

Given said all four dogs are strays but he regularly feeds three of them. He later called them "his dogs."

"I fed these dogs and they were nice enough to stick around and kind of guard our yard, and when that dog came up, I mean they did what dogs do," said Given.

When asked by the NewOn6 reporter why there didn't seem to be an attempt to stop the fight on video, Given said,

"In the video, I didn't stop it. I got as close as I could just to show what was going on. I did try to stop it occasionally. When my dog stopped, I told the dog to get out. He didn't. He attacked another one of my dogs and they jumped right back on top of him."

Given appeared to try to convince his interviewer that the dog deserved the punishment. He said the one getting mauled has attacked him several times and his family was afraid of it.

"It grabbed me by my ankle when I was getting out of the truck and with one foot on the ground, it grabbed my ankle and I fell on my face and when the dog came back to go at my face, my dad shooed him away with a 2x4 we had laying around in the yard," said Given.

Emotionless, Given admitted that posting the video to Facebook wasn't the right thing. He said the dog did die, but said he shot the video as evidence.

The Wagoner County Sheriff's Office said it is investigating and once deputies have gathered the facts, they will pass it along to the District Attorney who will ultimately decide if charges should be filed.

The non-emergency number provided for anyone with information that might be helpful to the sheriff or DA to encourage them to seriously investigate this incident is (918) 485-3124.

Here are the original comments by Given and his wife posted on Facebook:

Taylor Given "So, something crazy happened today at my house. I live in the country and I have three dogs who protect my house, my possessions, and my family. And there has been a few dogs coming into our yard and attacking my family and my dogs. I've al...ready been bitten by one of these dogs once, and the one that bit me came back into the yard today and my dogs defended our home. I'm very proud of them and I'm glad to call them my dogs and my heroes. This video is very graphic and intended for mature audiences only. And definitely not for the squeamish."

Amy Kaye Jacobsen "Who said the dog was killed?!?! We said he deserved what he got! The dog got away and hasn't returned! Those 3 dogs are also strays that have chosen OUR yard to protect and for that, I'm thankful! Let me educate you guys real fast. Us humans supposedly come from apes. Dogs, they're descendants from wolves. What do wolves do? Attack in packs for food and protection. They attacked that dog cuz they could sense it was a danger to us. The police already came to our house and investigated and those 3 dogs were there and they saw that they aren't a danger and nothing illegal or abusive happened. You all are acting like we forced that dog into our yard and forced the other 3 dogs to attack him. They gave that dog multiple chances to leave and he chose to stay and fight. Finally, when he saw that he didn't stand a chance, he left."

Source: News on 6


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