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3 Attacks by Pit Bulls, Bully Breeds in 1 Day Send 2 Women, 1 Child to Hospitals in Florida

A series of three dog attacks in Miami-Dade kept emergency-rescue crews busy on Friday, March 23, and alarmed residents. As a result, two woman and a 4-year-old girl were hospitalized.

Lucretia Escobar, 62, was rushed to the hospital after she was attacked by a dog identified as an American Bulldog while visiting the family of an elderly woman for whom she is a caretaker, WSVN reported.

A 911 call was received from the home and emergency response personnel arrived at a gruesome scene around 3:45 p.m. at the residence in the 4200 block of Northwest 183rd Terrace in Miami Gardens, according to officials.

Escobar was caring for the dog owner's grandmother. Both women were in the back patio when Chucky, the family’s American bulldog, lunged at Escobar and continued circling back to attack her.

"This dog kept coming after her round after round," said Chris Akins, a Good Samaritan who came to Escobar's rescue. Akins described the victim as covered in blood and "a lot of chaos, people screaming," according to WSVN News.

Orlando Pastrana, the owner's grandson, who was not home at the time, later said he had never seen Chucky attack anyone before. The elderly grandmother tried to shield her friend from the dog with her own body, according to the report, but the dog was determined to get to Escobar.

Finally a neighbor, Willie McClee, grabbed a shopping cart and came up behind the dog. "I hit the dog on the back, and the dog broke away from the lady and lunged at me," he said. That was when Chris Akins finally was able to use a palm frond to stop the dog from reaching his intended human targets.

By the time Pastrana arrived at his home, it was all over. "I wasn't here, when I got here, they'd already separated her and everything," he said.

He blamed the 62-year-old victim. "The thing is, she was one of my grandma's friends, so I guess ... the dog touched her, and he thought she was aggravating him, so he attacked her." The grandmother suffered bites to her hand while trying to defend her friend, according to the report.

Witnesses said the dog focused on Escobar's head and hair when he attacked her, and her face was severely bitten and bloody. Paramedics airlifted the victim to Jackson Memorial Hospital. She is listed in "guarded" condition.

That morning police reported that in Miami-Dade, near Southwest 173rd Avenue and 216th Street, two dogs identified as an American bulldog/Mastiff mix and a Boxer mix, viciously attacked a 4-year-old girl, after the rope tethering them broke. The dogs belonged to the child's grandfather.

Rescue crews immediately airlifted the child to Miami Children's Hospital. Animal Services officers removed the two very aggressive dogs and three others that were in the house, according to WVSN News. The young girl's condition remains unknown at this time.

A few hours later, two Pit Bulls attacked a 56-year-old woman while she was repairing a fence at her home in Cutler Bay. A neighbor managed to get the dogs away from the woman and call for a rescue crew. The injured woman was immediately transported to Jackson Memorial Hospital, police stated.

Animal control officials confirmed that the American Bulldog, Chucky, and the two pit bulls were euthanized. None of them had current rabies vaccinations. The fate of the five dogs at the home where the child was attacked is unknown.

Source: (WSVN)


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