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26-Year-Old Woman Shot and Killed by Robbers in Front of Her Mother

A Philadelphia woman was walking with her mother when two robbers stopped them and demanded they give them money. One wanted to take 26-year-old Amber Long’s $14 purse, according to her mother Stephanie, but the young woman refused. Tragically, Amber Long was shot and killed right there in front of her mother.

"One of them grabbed my purse and got away. The other one tried to grab her purse and she resisted," said Stephanie Long of the incident. "He shot her; he just shot her at pointblank range. He shot her in the chest and he shot to kill. It went right in the heart."

Amber was rushed to a local hospital, but was unfortunately pronounced dead not long after.

Long was an architect and had a promising future in Philadelphia.

"She moved here to go to school and when she came here for school, she loved the city and she stayed," said her Troy, Amber’s father. "She wanted to get a job here, so she got a got a job here. She stayed. She loves Philly."

Philadelphia police say they have interviewed multiple people for possible connections to the case and are hoping that they will soon be able to apprehend the two suspects.

"Hopefully, we'll be able to make an arrest soon," said Capt. James Clark. "We're still putting some pieces of the puzzle together." 


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