25-Year-Old Model Reveals Real Reason She Married 82-Year-Old Billionaire


It’s love, she promises.

That’s the message coming from newlywed model Cathy Schmitz today. Why does she feel the need to publicly defend her marriage? Because Schmitz, 25, just married 82-year-old billionaire Richard Lugner.

“Of course it's nice to life a luxury life," she told ITV. "But it's not very important to me."

“I have a lot of fun with him," She added. "I have a 6-year-old daughter to look after – I need a man.”

Schmitz says that among other things, Lugner is a good husband because he’s had a lot of practice. That practice hasn’t helped him hold down a marriage so far in life, though, as Schmitz is his fifth wife.

“I have a good teacher as he has been married four times before,” she said. “I dated a lot of young boys – they are only looking out for themselves. They like football and many women.”

As for Lugner, the Austrian billionaire who stays in the tabloids by hiring famous women to accompany him in public, he says he and Schmitz are still learning the ropes in their marriage.

“We have to learn to be married,” he said. “I am always worried [about women only wanting me for my money]. Ladies are very dangerous – to be married is dangerous. But I like to fight with the young ladies. It's better for me.”

Well then. One of you swears you’re in love, and the other is afraid the marriage is just about money. Sounds like things are off to a great start.

Sources: ITVMailOnline / Photo Credit: Screenshot, YouTube


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