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2,400+ Criminals in North Carolina Have Gun Permits

North Carolina is one of the few states in the country with public records of who has a permit to carry a concealed firearm. According to an investigation by the New York Times, more than 2,400 gun permit holders in North Carolina were convicted of felonies or misdemeanors over the past five years.

More than 200 were convicted of felonies, including at least 10 who committed murder or manslaughter. In about half of the felony convictions, the authorities failed to revoke or suspend the holder’s permit, including for cases of murder, rape and kidnapping.

Violent individuals convicted of domestic violence-related crimes are the most likely to be allowed to keep their concealed carry permits. Nearly two-thirds of individuals convicted of “assault on a female” in the state of North Carolina did not have their concealed carry permits suspended.

North Carolina’s failures to suspend these licenses appears to be an oversight, not a deliberate move to place concealed firearms in the hands of violent criminals.

However, the National Right To Carry Reciprocity Act, which recently passed the House of Representatives, would give holders of concealed carry permits from any one state the ability to carry a concealed weapon while than were visiting any other state, even if the state they were visiting banned concealed carry or would not allow them to obtain a carry permit.


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