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Man With Autism And Cerebral Palsy Reportedly Abused, Starved By Mother And Caregiver

Vonda Brown, a 44-year-old Pittsburgh woman, is accused of burning and malnourishing her grown son, who has autism and cerebral palsy. Dyrue McGee, 24, weighed just 58 pounds when he was checked into the hospital.

Brown is not only accused of starving her grown son, but also burning him. According to the Huffington Post, Brown placed McGee’s hand in a hot liquid in October 2014 and he was hospitalized for 58 days. Almon Burke, Brown’s attorney, however, claimed that McGee was in the hospital for a staph infection. Authorities say Brown also cashed McGee’s social security checks while he was in the hospital, and didn't use the money for his medical care.

According to the Daily Mail, McGee was screaming for food when he arrived at the hospital. Doctors found that he was malnourished.

Brown received a caregiver for her son through the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services. The caregiver, Armando Navarro, 45, is also being charged. Navarro was reportedly in a relationship with Brown and during the time that McGee was in the hospital, he submitted false time sheets for hours that he did not work. He was paid over $2,000 for those hours, which were approved by Brown.

They are both being charged with Medicaid fraud. Brown has also been charged with aggravated assault and stealing her son's Social Security benefit. Navarro has reportedly been released from jail, while Brown is still being held on $5,000 bond.

McGee has been moved to protective custody.

Sources: Huffington PostDaily Mail

Photo Source: Attorney General's Office


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