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23-Year-Old Sues Dentist For Allegedly Pulling Out All His Perfectly Healthy Teeth

A Missouri man is suing his dentist for allegedly pulling out all 32 of his teeth for no reason.

Skyler A. King, 23, claims he visited a Clayton dentist about an abscess and was told he had to extract all his teeth because he was at risk of fatal blood clotting.

King says Mark D. Meyers DDS, dba Eat Right Dentures/Same Day Dentures, told him all his teeth would have to come out, according to the suit filed in St. Louis County Court April 17.

“May 8, 2009, plaintiff returned to defendant's office as directed by defendant and a panoramic X-ray was taken,” the complaint states. “That after viewing the panoramic X-ray and determining from plaintiff's mother that she had a credit card which would pay defendant's stated charges of $5,235.00, and then charging said amount to the card, defendant extracted all thirty two (32) of plaintiff's teeth.”

But King says he later learned those teeth were recoverable and the abscess treatable.

"That plaintiff has subsequently learned that the X-ray showed that plaintiff had at least twenty-eight (28) recoverable teeth imbedded in good bone and gums with a few fillings; and that one of said teeth, the lower right first molar, had a treatable abscess,” the suit states.

King first sued Meyers in 2010, but the case was dismissed.

In an interview with Courthouse News, King's new attorney, John S. Wallach, said the dentist told a deposition in the previous filing that King had asked him to take out all his teeth.

"The question here is reasonability," Wallach said. "What 23-year-old would want all of their teeth pulled when they know they have teeth in good condition? Who would do that?"

Furthermore, he says Meyers pulled King’s teeth before he even did an X-ray.

"Dr. Meyers didn't take an X-ray of Skyler's mouth until he returned the next day to have his teeth pulled," Wallach said. "Dr. Meyers already made a determination to have the teeth pulled without the benefit of an X-ray."

The plaintiff has since been fitted for dentures, but he says they don’t fit properly. He is forced to remain toothless because he says he cannot afford new dentures.

King seeks punitive damages for physical and emotional trauma.

An autistic Indiana man reported a similar story last year. Christopher Crist, 21, said he walked into Amazing Family Dental in Indianapolis to get three teeth removed. He walked out with none, Huffington Post reported.

Sources: Courthouse News, Huffington Post


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