Young Man Dies of Cardiac Arrest After Playing Internet Punching Game

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The violent internet game “Punch 4 Punch”, in which friends punch each other in the chest, reportedly claimed the life of a 23-year-old single dad.

Tommy Main was hosting a party in his southeast London home when he decided to partake in a game of Punch 4 Punch, recounted a witness who had been at the party.

Onlookers were filming as a friend reportedly punched him in the chest part of the game. The plan had been to post the video online.

The London Ambulance Service reports that paramedics were called to the home at 12:24 a.m. on Sunday morning “to treat a young man in his 20s for cardiac arrest.”

After being rushed to the hospital, Main was pronounced dead at 1:28 a.m.

“I had to say good by to my little brother today for the last time,” Main’s older brother, Roy, wrote on Facebook. “I’m hurting so bad I don’t think I’ll ever be the same again.”

“For the people at the party who call yourselves friends, you should have stopped it, not try and film it. I hope you can’t sleep,” he added.

Main was a single and devoted father to his 4-year-old daughter Aimee; he had filled his Facebook page with photos of the young, smiling girl.

The game that allegedly killed Aimee’s father was a simple and self-explanatory one: two players are filmed exchanging punches until one gives up. Punches can be exchanged anywhere from arms and shoulders to chests, guts and faces. The video is then generally shared on YouTube, Facebook or other online outlets.

The 20-year-old partygoer who had reportedly been matched up against Main in the “game” was arrested on suspicion of murder. He was freed on bail.

London Metropolitan Police have not confirmed that Main died as a result of the Punch 4 Punch game and have explained that they are currently treating his death as “unexplained.”

A relative of Tommy Main’s remembers him as “a wonderful single dad” who had just begun learning how to braid his daughter’s hair.

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Photo Sources: Inquisitr, Daily Record


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