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23 Percent of Americans Deny Climate Change Science, Says New Poll

A new poll shows that 23 percent of Americans do not believe in man-made climate change, despite overwhelming science.

The survey, conducted in November and early December 2013, also showed that 63 percent of Americans do believe in global warming, but only 53 percent are worried about the consequences.

The "don't know" category dropped 6 points between April and November 2013 and went to the "not happening" category.

"People who prior said don’t know are increasingly saying they don't believe it," Anthony Leiserowitz, of the Yale Project on Climate Change Communication, which conducted the poll, told Live Science.

"Media frames can be really important in shaping the way people interpret the news," added Leiserowitz.

There have been numerous reports on Fox News, Drudge Report and other conservative media outlets that global warming could not possibly be happening because there were very cold temperatures this winter.

However, scientists say the cold weather in the US was caused by a "polar vortex," which is when Arctic air shifts from the North Pole downwards. Another polar vortex is expected this month, notes The Washington Post.

Global warming deniers in conservative media also failed to mention the scorching temperatures in Australia where it is currently summer.

According to Mother Jones, tennis matches had to be suspended at the Australian Open where temperatures hit 109 degrees and some players had to be iced down.

Sources: Mother Jones, The Washington Post, Live Science


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