22-Year-Old Predator Pretends To Be Minor, Tries To Lure 13-Year-Old By Trading Explicit Photos


A registered sex offender from Portland, Oregon, pretended to be 16 years old as he sent sexually graphic photographs of himself to a 13-year-old girl he was trying to bait online.

Christopher Michael Scott, 22, was apprehended at his home on Nov. 18, KPTV reports.

Scott first communicated with the minor in August, using the social networking website MeetMe.com, according to authorities. He concealed his real identity and claimed to be a teenager named Jake Wolfe.

Scott asked the girl to send him sexually graphic photos in exchange for the ones he sent her and also tried to coordinate an in-person meeting with the 13-year-old, investigators said.

The girl’s mother noticed some of Scott’s messages on one of the family’s electronic devices, according to the Gresham Police Department. She questioned her daughter and then called law enforcement.

She recounts having a “gut instinct” something was awry when she saw her daughter had hidden her tablet under a pillow.

“I looked through the messages and was just completely disgusted with what I saw,” the girl’s mother told KOIN. “On those apps you can be pretty much whoever you want to be.”

“I think all parents should have passwords to their kids’ social media,” she added. “The more involved you get, the better off you are.”

Scott was detained at the Multnomah County Jail and charged with second-degree online sexual corruption of a child, attempted use of a child in a display of sexually explicit conduct and luring a minor.

Detectives suspect that Scott might have been involved in similar behavior with other children in the Portland area.

Sources: KPTV, KOIN / Photo source: Multnomah County Jail via KPTV

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