22-Year-Old Man Caught Having Sex With 52-Year-Old Woman In Stranger's Hot Tub


A 22-year-old man was caught having sex with a 52-year-old woman in a stranger’s hot tub when the homeowner called the police.

Reports say that 22-year-old Lucas Arnerson and 52-year-old Kristie Sheldon were arrested for disorderly conduct when a random homeowner caught them having sex in her hot tub. When police in the small Minnesota town arrived to the home at 11:30 p.m. on Tuesday, they discovered Arnerson and Sheldon completely naked in the hot tub.

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The couple was arrested at the scene and brought to the police station where they were cited for disorderly conduct, but later, police dropped them off at Sheldon’s 29-year-old son’s house.

Sources: Daily Mail, The Smoking Gun / Photo Sources: The Smoking Gun, Daily Mail


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