22 Colombian Girls 'Possessed' After Playing A Game


On July 9, 22 schoolgirls in Colombia are said to have suffered from a "mass demonic possession" after playing a game involving a simplified version of a Ouija board.

The game, known as "Charlie Charlie," is played by drawing a four-panel grid on a piece of paper, two of which are labeled "yes" while the other two are labeled "no." The players then position two pens on top of the piece of paper in the shape of a cross. Finally, the players attempt to summon a demon by chanting the words "Charlie Charlie can we play" or "Charlie Charlie are you here?"

The incident at the school was accompanied by a video, which seemed to depict children between the ages of 12 and 15 screaming, hallucinating and even foaming at the mouth, according to the Mirror.

One girl claimed she saw a vision of a "man in black" while she was possessed.

After teachers took the students to a health center to conduct tests for disease, intoxication or use of mind-altering hallucinogenic substances, no consistent health problems were discovered among the 22 girls and their vital signs eventually returned to a normal state, according to Christian Today.

Mayor Deyler Camacho implored villagers to remain calm about the situation and to avoid allowing this case to develop into a mass hysteria, the Mirror reports.

The vision of a "man dressed in black" was similar to those seen by some schoolchildren in Peru who reportedly also suffered from demonic possession earlier in 2016.  In May, nearly 80 schoolchildren at the Elsa Perea Flores School in Tarapoto, Peru, suffered from a case of demonic possession in which many were convulsing and fainting.

Sources: Christian Today, Mirror / Photo credit: Screenshot via Deccan Chronicle

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