210 New Faces on Forbes Billionaires List, Rank Drops for Buffett, Zuckerberg


Forbes' annual billionaire rankings shows Warren Buffett and Mark Zuckerburg slipping down the list. Mexican business magnate Carlos Slim Helu, the wealthiest man in the world since 2010, remains number one with a net worth of $73 billion.

For the first time since 2000, Warren Buffett at $53.5 billion was not ranked in the Forbes top three, while Mark Zuckerberg’s rank dropped 31 spots to number 66 as his net worth shrunk to $4.2 billion.

1,426 people around the world were on the list, up 16% from last year. 210 of them were new to the list. 138 were female, with the highest net worth for a woman of $30 billion belonging to 90-year-old Liliane Betancourt of L’Oreal who ranked number nine.

The list’s average net worth was $3.8 billion. The total net worth of the entire list was $5.4 trillion, compared with $4.6 trillion in 2012. The U.S. is still home to the majority of the world’s wealthiest people. 40 men on the list made the majority of their wealth managing hedge funds, which produced earnings in excess of $1 billion a year.

Bill Gates maintained his number 2 rank with $67 billion. Third place was taken by Spanish clothier Amancia Ortega at $57 billion, up from $37.5 billion in 2012. Adding $19.5 billion to his net worth since last year, Ortega is the largest gainer on the list. Buffett is the second largest gainer adding $9.5 billion to his net worth.

Forbes Top 10 Billionaires:

1. Carlos Slim Helu - $73B

2. Bill Gates - $67B

3. Amancio Ortega - $57B

4. Warren Buffett - $53.5B

5. Larry Ellison - $43B

6 and 7. Tie between brothers Charles Koch and David Koch  - $34B

8. Li Ka-Shing - $31B

9. Liliane Betancourt - $30B

10. Bernard Arnault - $29B       

Source: USA Today


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