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21-Year-Old Wrong-Way Drunk Driver Who Killed Six People in Crash Had a Previous DUI Conviction

On Monday, Opposing Views reported on the tragic wrong-way car crash that killed six people in Diamond Bar, California. Authorities initially determined that the driver, Olivia Carolee Culbreath, might have been drunk when she sped down California’s 60 Freeway in the wrong direction.

Now, police say that 21-year-old Culbreath had a history of driving offenses, including a DUI conviction at the young age of 16. According to reports, Culbreath had a slew of other offenses that earned her restrictions on her license, but just last week, all of those restrictions were supposedly lifted.

Police have now been able to identify the six victims who died in the crash. The two passengers in Culbreath’s car, 21-year-old Kristin Young and 24-year-old Maya Louise Culbreath, Olivia’s sister, were both killed in the accident. The car that was hit head on had four passengers inside, and all unfortunately died. That family of four included Gregorio Mejia-Martinez, 47, Ester Delgado, Leticia Ibarra, 42, and Jessica Jasmine Mejia, 20. Jessica Mejia was the daughter of Gregorio Mejia-Martinez and Leticia Ibarra, and Ester Delgado was Jessica’s grandmother.

“We are just in a lot of pain right now,” said an unknown member of Culbreath’s family. “We are just devastated for everyone else involved.”

Culbreath herself survived the accident and was taken to the hospital in stable condition after suffering a broken femur and a ruptured bladder. The 21-year-old is facing serious charges for her drunk driving wreck that killed six others.

Reports note that Maya Culbreath, Olivia’s sister who perished in the crash, also had a string of DUI convictions and had her license taken away last year. An investigation is still ongoing.


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