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21-Year-Old Woman Found Frozen In Milwaukee

An unnamed 21-year-old may have been a victim the to the cold gripping Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The woman was found frozen in front of a home on the morning of Jan. 17 and pronounced dead, WITI reported.

The woman was thought to have been intoxicated and not dressed for the weather when she left a house party.

Officials from the Milwaukee County Medical Examiner’s Office say a nearby security camera captured video of her collapsing in front of the home less than five hours before she was found, The Associated Press reported. It’s unclear if she was a resident of the home where she was found.

On the night the woman collapsed, the temperatures were below zero, with a low of minus 16. According to Accuweather, Milwaukee has been experiencing unseasonably cold weather this time of year.

The woman’s autopsy was scheduled for Jan. 18.

Sources: WITI, AP via ABC News, Accuweather / Photo credit: Helgi Halldorsson/Flickr

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