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21-Year-Old Pimp Made $3,000 a Day Trafficking 17-Year-Old Online

Gus Wayne Rouse, 21, was convicted last August in Portland, Ore., for forcing his 17-year-old girlfriend into prostitution. Tragically, cases like this are not uncommon. However, his salary was.

According to Oregon Live, Rouse was making up to $3,000 a day while his unfortunate victim made nothing. Rouse forced her to do 10 tricks in a 24-hour span and choked her if she was caught keeping any of the money.

The case revealed the role of the internet in modern day prostitution. The internet has long served as the catalyst of capitalism, facilitating transactions and expediting consumer selection. However, the mechanism that allows you to buy the cheapest or softest mattress works the same for prostitution. Rouse made enormous sums of money by finding willing johns over websites quick to fill Craigslist’s spot after the site discontinued its “Adult Services” section in 2010. Some sites even allow johns to rate prostitutes like one might rate a restaurant. These sites have been helpful for officers to locate missing girls.

Also prominently featured in the case were the actors on the periphery who said and did nothing. The owners of the motel remained quiet. Her cab driver, who made $40 driving her around each night to the homes of different johns, reported not knowing she was a prostitute. He later changed his story and admitted that upon seeing how much money Rouse was making, he thought about prostituting his own girlfriend.

The crime Rouse was convicted for is exceedingly hard to uncover. Prostitutes are either loyal to their pimps or fear their retaliation for contacting the police. Only the girl’s mother reported the police her strange absences for days at a time. The girl cried heavily and confided to the officers what her boyfriend had been forcing her to do.

Rouse maintained that they had broken up and she was jealous he had moved on. However, her detailed seven-hour testimony revealed that she had been forced into prostitution because he told her he needed to support four children from another woman. Ultimately, Rouse was convicted over a recorded phone call in which he told the girl she could only see him if she brought $5,000.

Sources: Oregon Live


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