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21-Year-Old Man Catches On Fire While Train Surfing in Connecticut

A 21-year-old man has died after police say he was electrocuted and caught on fire while train surfing in Connecticut on Sunday.

Metro-North employees reportedly discovered Brian McClellen as he lay burning on top of a train headed from Stamford to Manhattan, reports Gawker. Authorities say they had to use fire extinguishers to save him and that they believe he was electrocuted by a mechanical arm called a pantograph, which is responsible for transmitting electrical currents from overhead lines to the train, reports News 12 Connecticut.

Workers reportedly found the young man, who was a skateboarder from Ohio, after the power suddenly shut off at around 5 a.m. Police say they think there was a possible explosion while the train was stopped at the Riverside Metro-North station in Connecticut.

Metro-North police are investigating the incident, but say they believe the man jumped onto a moving train near Stamford while it was in motion and remained on top of it for some time.

McClellen was transported to a burn unit at Westchester Medical Center, reports the Daily Mail. He died a few hours later.

Some sources say the young man was attempting a skateboarding stunt when the pantograph fell on top of him.

Sources: Gawker, News 12 Connecticut, Daily Mail

Photo Credit: Metropolitan Transportation Authority of the State of New York/Flickr, Gawker


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