21-Year-Old At Center Of Hoax Terror Threat Emails Sent To U.S. Schools


A 21-year-old Maine native living in Romania was issued a subpoena in connection to a series of emails sent to schools on both coasts detailing alleged terror attacks.

Vincent Canfield is set to appear before New York prosecutors for some of the emails, which incited fear on the East Coast and even shut down every Los Angeles school last week.

Cities including New York, Miami, Houston, Dallas and Las Vegas were all targeted. The Dallas emails detailed a plot involving “46 jihad affiliates” for a “massacre of epic proportion.”

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“The reason you got three days to respond is because of the severity of it,” an NYPD detective told Canfield in a phone call that followed the subpoena. 

“I do understand the severity of it. There's some stuff I don't understand on the subpoena and I'd like to understand it before I follow through,” Canfield replied. All of the hoax emails were routed through a server in Germany that was run by Canfield. As of last week, the young man was living in Romania. 

Canfield insisted that he has complied with New York authorities relating to the subpoena. He has reportedly consulted with a lawyer who represented NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. He has not yet been accused of terrorism.

Sources: CBS News, Daily Mail / Photo credit: Daily Mail 

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