Man Predicts Trump Presidency In 2012, Saves $2,000


Two brothers got the surprise of their lives when they discovered a contract between them regarding a $2,000 loan became void because of one shockingly relevant condition in which the money would never have to be paid back. 

In 2012, Judd and Ryan Markowitz reportedly signed a contract for a $2,000 loan. In the contract, Ryan agreed to lend his bother the money and accept $100 monthly payments in return beginning in 2018.

There were, however, a series of conditions that would allow for the repayments to be waived. They ranged from circumstances that were entirely plausible to completely outlandish:

Judd Markowitz loses a limb.

Ryan Markowitz wins the lottery.

The New York Jets win the Super Bowl in 2013.

The world comes to an end.

Jesus, Biggie or Tupac comes back to life.

One condition that might have seemed impossible to the brothers at the time wound up coming true: "Rick Santorum or Donald Trump becomes President in 2016."

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On Feb. 17, Judd posted a photo of the contract to Twitter when he realized the Trump condition actually became a reality. The tweet quickly went viral.

Though many pointed out that Trump actually took office in 2017, Judd said in a follow-up tweet that he and his brother understood the intent of the contract regardless.

"People are pointing out obvious flaws in the contract," he tweeted. "I'm no lawyer, and my brother is a man of honor, and we can agree on intent."

Though Judd is justifiably thrilled that Trump's presidency worked in his favor, the President has continued to make headlines and fuel divide among U.S. citizens and the media since taking office on Jan. 20.

In a Feb. 17 tweet, Trump called the media "the enemy of the American people," sparking outrage and response across the internet.

Many Twitter users responded by posting photos of journalists who have died for their profession.

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The tweet came following a lengthy press conference by Trump on Feb. 16, in which he continually cited his electoral college victory over Hillary Clinton and railed against the media. 

Sources: Mashable, The Huffington Post / Photo credit: The Hollywood Reporter

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