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200 Frozen Pigs Fly Out of Collapsed Truck – Reason to Go Vegan?

Meat eaters usually don’t give much thought to the life, death or transport of animals that are butchered and chopped into ham and sliced into bacon. Many say they deliberately avoid thinking about it—preferring to merely grab the neatly wrapped package in the market and not contemplate how it got there.

But bystanders in central Sweden admitted shock at the scene of a freak incident on a highway near Kumla, where they saw the carcasses of 200 frozen pigs flying all over the highway.

The pile of thawing bodies which blocked highway traffic, and the remainder of the animal carcasses still hanging by hooks in the disassembled truck, also brought up questions as to what will happen to the meat.

"Everything went everywhere - it truly was flying pigs," Anders Wallin of the Örebro police told The Local.

"I've worked for forty years as a policeman and have never seen a truck that's just collapsed like this, and definitely not with pigs inside."

The incident occurred south of Örebro on Thursday afternoon. The truck was on a roundabout at the time and apparently too many dead pig carcasses were hanging on hooks from the trailer ceiling.

Wallin explained that the weight of the pigs was enough to cause the roof to cave in as the truck made a left turn. Another witness described it as the vehicle collapsing “like a house of cards,” according to The Local (which reports news from Sweden in English.)

While no one was hit by the flying pigs, traffic was heavily delayed as the bodies were pulled from the street in a clean-up effort that took police over six hours.

Police have launched an investigation to determine whether the truck was overloaded.

As for the pigs, Wallin said it "was likely" they would be destroyed as they were badly damaged from the impact with the road. "Or maybe they'll be made into animal food--but I don't think it's likely," he told The Local.

Commenters to the article were more skeptical. CharlesEdouard posted, “Don't believe for a second they will destroy the meat.” He was answered by Mirarkitty, “Just mix it with horse and it's all good.”

Is it time to consider becoming a vegan?

Source: The Local


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