Promising 20-Year-Old Student Shot In The Head During Attempted Robbery


A 20-year-old Alabama girl was shot in the head outside of her apartment building earlier this year. Five months later, her recovery has been called a miracle.

Lauren George was outside of her apartment building on January 20 when Kevin Gutierrez and Terry Searcy, both 18 years old, started firing their weapons in the building’s parking lot. One of the stray bullets wound up hitting George in the back of the head and shattering the left side of her skull.

“They didn't think I was going to make it,” said George. “They thought if I did make it I wouldn't be able to speak.”

George was left with two brain injuries after the shooting and says she only remembers waking up from a coma in the hospital, asking for her parents.

“I was in a coma and I woke up and pulled out my tube and asked for my mom and dad,” said George.

Lauren George’s recovery is miraculous, and five months later, she is slowly learning to speak and walk again.

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“I'm glad I'm here, that I'm alive, even though it's been hard,” said George. "I feel like I shouldn't have survived. I feel like the only reason I am here is because I have a purpose."

The two shooting suspects have been charged with first-degree robbery and assault in connection to the incident, and although Lauren’s mother Kameron George says she hopes justice is served, she knows that no punishment will ever fully help them heal.

“Because of the life-altering events that have taken place, their punishment can never be enough for what we've endured and what we will still endure,” said Kameron.

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A Facebook page, “Prayers for Lauren George”, has been set up to support the 20-year-old as she tries to recover from the shooting.

Sources: Daily Mail, MyFoxAL


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