20-Year-Old Dies After Smoking Marijuana For The First Time, Walking In Front Of Train

A 20-year-old man was tragically killed by a train after smoking marijuana for the first time and running onto the tracks.

Tom Bond, a personal trainer from Queensland, Australia, had a bad reaction to his first experience with marijuana and ran around in a panic. As Bond ran through safety barriers at a train station to cross the tracks, a freight train came barreling through and killed the 20-year-old instantly.

Andrew Bond, Tom’s father, expressed his grief and said he was devastated by the loss of his “best friend.”

“He was really a big-hearted boy who made one silly mistake and paid the ultimate price for it,” the grieving father said. “It’s wrong that he’s gone. He had just figured out he wanted to help people change their lives and get their fitness up. He was my son but he was also my best friend.”

Tom’s childhood best friend said that he wanted others to learn from what happened to the 20-year-old.

“Don’t fall into peer pressure, keep with your close mates who you trust,” Joel Carter said. “Tom was a kind-hearted person who would do anything for anybody no matter the cost. We had so many plans ahead for what we were going to do, but he is gone too soon.”

Authorities are still investigating the young man’s tragic death.

Sources: Daily Mail, Courier Mail, Metro


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