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Vandals Make Huge Mess After 4/20 Rally In Denver

A big problem surfaced on the morning after a 4/20 rally in Denver, Colorado.

Santino Walker, an organizer of the rally, told KCNC that Civic Center Park was cleaned up when the rally, which went from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., ended. But the next day, trash was found all over the grass and sidewalks.

"The park had been picked up last night. All the trash had been placed in about 74 big trash bags and I believe last night, from what I hear from Parks and Rec, we had a few people come and dump all the bags out on the park," he said.

Walker took responsibility for the mess because he believes the trash bags from the event should have been removed sooner.

"This was my fault, this was a producer mistake. I should’ve at midnight, when I staged all the stuff, I should’ve had it set up to have all the trash bags thrown into the roll-off. So, as bad as the park looks, the one thing that I know is we have a really good cleaning crew that we work with and we have the permit for today so I imagine this will look a whole lot different at noon today," he said.

Miguel Lopez, another organizer of the event, said that while cleanup was taking place on the evening of the rally, a man with a knife started cutting open trash bags, causing a delay.

Lopez contacted the police's non-emergency line and the man was asked to leave the premises, prompting him to allegedly threaten the cleaning crew with the knife.

Denver Police arrived on the scene, but no charges were filed against the man, who ran from the premises.

Employees with Denver Parks and Recreation assisted Walker's staff with the cleanup. Some employees at the department believe members of the homeless population are to blame for emptying the trash bags in the park.

It is unknown who was actually responsible. According to the Denver Police, there is no record of the call made by Lopez, but officers did respond at 2 a.m. to a report of people throwing trash into the park.

This was the 11th year the pro-marijuana rally took place in the city at Civic Center Park, according to KDVR. Thousands of people attended.

"Through our hotel accommodations, tours and, of course, our event business, we’ll work with probably about 15,000 people this week alone compared to 2,000 or 3,000 people a month for our normal operations," Danny Schaefer, CEO of My 420 Tours, said.

Sources:  KCNC, KDVR / Photo credit: Jennifer Martin/Wikimedia Commons

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