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20 Children Murdered, Not in Connecticut, by Pit Bulls this Year

Just 18 hours prior to the Connecticut massacre of 20 children, the 20th pit bull child murder was committed. And in the last seven weeks, pits have murdered a child every 12 days. 

We've all sobbed and lamented about the deaths of the school children in Connecticut, as we should. We should be ashamed as a nation that this has been allowed to happen. Yet, 20 children this past year, and the year before, and the year before, were brutally killed by pit bulls. Did the president speak at their funerals, did he even send a card? Did the whole nation mourn for these children murdered by pit bulls? Where is the shame for these pit bull murders.

What is the difference here? Why do the children in Connecticut rate more than those children who were murdered, brutally, by pit bulls? Why isn't this issue garnering the same attention? The answer lies in the minds of those who follow the No Kill Equation.

This movement says there are no bad dogs, only bad owners. This movement wants to save them all, including those that should not be saved. This movement has brought us the likes of Spindletop, where pits were dumped by these radical No Kill followers, and forgotten. Even the national writer for pit bulls dumped pits at Spindletop and praised it on her national articles, along with her praise of No Kill.

This year did see some progress in addressing these murders. The Maryland Courts ruled pit bulls to be inherently dangerous and extended liability to landlords who rent to tenants with pit bulls if they attack. This was based on the attack of Dominic Solesky  Below is the recently released 911 call for this attack.

The 911 call portrays a life-threatening attack upon a young boy by a neighbor's pit bull. Anthony and Irene Solesky, the parents of Dominic are now strong advocates to stop this carnage by pit bulls. Back in August, during a special session, the Maryland legislature attempted to diminish the high court's decision by advancing an emergency bill. The effort did not succeed. On January 9, the General Assembly meets for the 2013 session and is expected to again introduce legislation that will reduce the appellate court's decision. Let's hope that effort fails as well.

Also the citizens of Miami/Dade County, Florida gave a set back to the pit apologists by voting 2-1 to keep their 23 year old pit bull ban. One can only guess the amount of dollars sent into Miami/Dade to repeal this ban, while a grassroots movement to keep the ban worked without any funding. A message was sent to those agencies who are taking a stand against Breed Specific Legislation (BSL), and that message was that we don't want to continue with closed casket funerals any more. Something needs to be done so more children aren't on this list.

Thanks to Colleen Lynn of www.DogsBite.ORG for her part in the Solesky Maryland case.


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