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2-Year-Old Shoots Himself Dead After Finding His Father's Gun In Car Glove Box

A 2-year-old boy from Eastlake, Florida, reportedly shot and killed himself with his father’s gun on the day his family was moving to another home.

Kaleb Ahles was reportedly left alone in the family’s car, where he discovered a .380 handgun in the glove box and began playing with it. He accidentally shot himself in the chest, reports the Daily Mail. The incident took place at around 5 p.m. Wednesday while his parents were in the process of moving their belongings out of their home.

Kaleb’s mother, Christina Nigro, and father, Kevin Ahles, rushed outside to the vehicle when they heard the gunshots and Nigro reportedly began administering CPR to her child. He was rushed to Trinity Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

“It’s just one of those things that happens where everything lined up the wrong way where we had a 2-and-a-half-year-old that was able to take a gun, pick it up, turn it around, and he shot himself dead center in the middle of the chest,” Sheriff Bob Gualtieri told WFLA.

Police are still investigating the incident, but say they do not believe charges will be brought up against these parents.

“I don’t think anybody can punish these parents any more than what they’ve been punished,” Gualtieri said.

Sources: Daily Mail, WFLA/Photo Credit: Facebook/Daily Mail


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