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2-Year-Old North Carolina Boy Accidentally Shoots Himself With Father's Gun

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On Saturday afternoon, a 2-year-old North Carolina boy put his father’s .45-caliber handgun into his mouth and fired. He initially retrieved the gun from his parents’ bedroom.

The boy’s mother, father and three siblings were all home when the bullet was fired.

When neighbors saw police crowding around the powder blue Asheboro home on Spring Valley Road, they suspected that another break-in had occurred after a series of other troublesome robberies.

The boy’s father rushed him to Randolph Hospital, and he was later transferred to Brenner Children’s Hospital.

Miraculously, the bullet missed all vital arteries and the spinal cord. Doctors expect that the boy will survive, despite his critical condition.

“The good Lord was watching after him.” A neighbor said.

The young boy's parents may face charges for leaving the firearm unattended and improperly locked away. This will be decided on by the Sherriff and District Attorney’s office.

Earlier this year, Georgia toddler Owen Harris was also accidentally shot between the nose and mouth with his mother’s handgun.

“Who leaves loaded guns around with 2 or 3-year-old kids?” Richard Harris, Owen’s father, wondered at the time.

Sources: The Charlotte Observer, Raw Story


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