2-Year-Old Michael Garcia Shoots Himself In Legs With Mom's .45, Expected To Survive


A toddler in Florida is still alive today after blasting himself in both legs with a .45 caliber pistol that someone in his family apparently just left lying around, loaded.

Michael Garcia Jr. (pictured), of Orange County is in Arnold Palmer Hospital, expected to survive. His condition is listed as stable. But now investigators, not to mention the Garcia family’s neighbors, are trying to figure out how anyone could be stupid enough to leave a loaded handgun where a two-year-old could get his hands on it.

One area resident is skeptical that the boy would have been able to operate the gun at all.

"I'm trying to figure out how a 2-year-old pulled the trigger on a .45," neighbor Andre Demos told a local TV station.

"The kid's very lucky to survive," said Neil Drouin, operator of Orlando gun dealership. "It (a .45 caliber bullet) is very much a round that can do massive damage to a human."

The .45 was registered to the boy’s mother, who was not home at the time of the shooting, which happened in the middle of the afternoon Tuesday shortly before neighborhood kids returned from school. The boy’s father and grandmother were at home, as was a family friend.

No charges have been filed. The boy’s mother may possibly face a charge of leaving a gun unsecured. The county’s Department of Children and Families is also investigating how the incident may have occurred, especially because another child also lives in the Garcia home.



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