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Toddler Gets $75 Littering Ticket

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A 2-year-old girl was issued a $75 littering ticket in Washington, D.C.

A piece of mail addressed to Harper, the suspected litterbug toddler, was found on the ground in an alley, which the girl's family claims led to the littering citation, reported WTTG.

“Can you believe they issued a ticket to her for littering?” said Teresa Westover, the girl’s mother. “And Harper at the time of course goes, ‘That’s not good,’ because we know that we don’t throw trash on the ground.”

The Washington D.C. Department of Public Works sent WTTG a statement to explain the reasoning for the citation and promised to get it removed.

"DPW’s Solid Waste Education and Enforcement Program is responsible for inspecting sanitation violations to ensure cleanliness is maintained throughout District neighborhoods,” the statement read. “The work they do goes a long way toward minimizing rodent infestation and health hazards. Inspectors always evaluate the contents of the waste that appears to be in violation and use identifying information found within the waste to issue a citation. In this instance, we are working with the resident to gather the necessary documentation to dismiss the violation inadvertently given to the two-year old.”

But not everybody was satisfied with the DPW's statement.

“Amazingly, this kid has been found guilty of more crimes than [Democratic presidential nominee] Hillary [Clinton],” said a Facebook commenter.

“DC is one of the biggest dumps in the country. And this is coming from a jersey guy! Every block around the capitol house is a war zone of drugs, trash, crime, hookers yet you wanna ticket a 2 yr old?! Wow,” said another Facebook commenter.

Sources: WTTG, Fox News/Facebook / Photo credit: WTTG

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