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'She Wanted Candy': 2-Year-Old Girl Walks To Gas Station By Herself At 11PM (Video)


For one Michigan child, nothing will get in the way of satisfying her sweet tooth, even if it means going out into the streets alone in the middle of the night.

That is exactly what happened the night Mohamad Bazzi found a 2-year-old walking into his Detroit gas station by herself. Though she was fully clothed in boots and a thick winter coat and even had two cents to buy the candy with, Bazzi could not believe that she was by herself.

"The little girl, she started walking around. This aisle, this aisle, this aisle -- there's nobody there!" He told reporters at Inside Edition.

" ... [She] put the two pennies [on the counter], she wanted candy," he continued.

Being a responsible store owner, Bazzi locked the doors once he assessed the situation and called her to stay in a safer area in a room. He then dialed 911.

He said, "I told [911] 'Listen, there's a little baby inside the store alone.' ... After that she cried and cried."

When police arrived, they took the toddler into their custody and began to search for her parents. An hour later, the mystery was solved and they were brought to the Highland Park Police Station outside Detroit. There they were met with the ire of Chief Kevin Coney who lectured them about their questionable parenting.

“There's a three-year-old girl walking across the street at night," he reportedly yelled. "To a gas station! Fully dressed! And you come here like, 'So what?'"

Source: Inside Edition Photo Credit: Inside Edition


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