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2-Year-Old Boy Falls Victim To Disturbing Zoo Accident

2-Year-Old Boy Falls Victim To Disturbing Zoo Accident Promo Image

A white Bengal tiger bit off half of a 2-year-old boy’s arm at a wildlife park in China's Sichuan province. The boy had reached into the tiger's cage.

The child was at the park for the afternoon with three adults. The group visited the white Bengal tiger’s cage. Bengal tigers are an endangered species.

The boy, in an apparent attempt to attract the animal’s attention, reached his right hand into the cage of the tiger through a vent, reports the Mirror.

But before anyone was able to pull the toddler away, the tiger reportedly sunk its teeth deep into the boy’s arm, just below the elbow. The boy lost a huge chunk of muscle and flesh as well as a large amount of blood. The tiger reportedly opened its mouth and dropped what was left of the arm on the ground.

The boy was rushed to the People’s Hospital of Ya’an for initial treatment. He was later moved to another hospital for surgery. Doctors performed a partial amputation of his arm below the elbow, reports Shanghaiist.

The surgeon told reporters the operation was to clear up the wound. Despite their best efforts, doctors were unable not save the boy's arm from the elbow down.

The boy’s family is distraught following the horrific incident. They have so far declined to comment to reporters.

Metro reports growing concerns about the safety of zoos in China.

Last year, a 9-year-old boy, Cong Cong, had his arm torn off while trying to feed a bear at a zoo in China’s central Henan Province. Cong’s parents are now in a legal dispute with the zoo.

They had originally requested the equivalent of $250,000 in compensation from the zoo but were told that they were asking too much.

The zoo contributed about $12,481 toward Cong Cong’s treatment. The two parents and the Henan zoo representatives are expected to meet in court to make a settlement.

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Photo Credit: Screenshot via Mirror


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